Current Activities

IBA inventory.

The GEB is undertaking a joint effort with BirdLife International using IUCN criteria to identify Important Bird areas (IBAs) in the Antarctic. This is a contribution to the global effort and is using internationally accepted standardised objective criteria for the selection of sites based on breeding populations. Based on discussions at Bremen, the SCAR LSSSG may nominate the highest value IBAs as ASPAs. The intention is to publish the IBA volume as a SCAR contribution to the IPY.


The GEB had extensive discussions regarding the procedure(s) and criteria for the establishment of Specially Protected Species (SPS) under the Madrid Protocol. The GEB was on the Inter-sessional Contact Group responsible for the identification of SPS. In the past month, the GEB has provided further advice on populations and trends of candidate species for the forth coming ATCM mtg.

ICG Disease.

The GEB was an active member of the Inter-sessional Contact Group discussing the issue of disease in Antarctica.

Regional Red List Species.

The GEB is assessing regional populations of Antarctic seabirds using regional Red List criteria established by IUCN. This is being conducted in response to a request to the GEB to assess populations at regional, rather than global scales.


The GEB has nominated a species (Adélie penguin) for consideration as an indicator the State of the Environment Reporting for Antarctic system adopted by the CEP.