1996 Cambridge UK

1998 Concepción, Chile

2000 Tokyo, Japan (minutes available PDF)

2002 Jena, Germany (minutes available PDF)

2004 Texel, Netherlands (minutes available PDF)


[list minutes and reports/papers emanating]

1. 1996 Cambridge workshop on populations, status & trends assessment
Publication: Woehler & Croxall (1997)(download PDF)

2. 1996 Cambridge UK ws on alternative penguin marking techniques

3. 1999 Montana Workshop Publication: Montana Workshop Report (PDF download)

4. 2002 Jena Workshop on diet methods Report on workshop:

5. 2002 Jena Workshop on IBA sites Report on workshop:

6. 2004 Texel, The Netherlands Workshop IBA follow up

7. 2004, Texel, The Netherlands, Workshop on populations, status and trends


Resources from the international BIOMASS programme in the early 1980s

During the international BIOMASS programme in the early 1980s, Southern Ocean seabird studies were coordinated by the BIOMASS Working Party on Bird Ecology (WPBE), from whom the SCAR Bird Biology Subcommittee and then the Group of Experts on Birds evolved. We provide here the minutes, Scientific Reports and Handbooks produced by the WPBE for BIOMASS so that these 14 reports and handbooks are available to the research community.